iPhone 4

Some renders of my iPhone 4 model.

Cycles, 600 passes for front and side.

8min for front, 4min 32sec for side

Final composition made in Photoshop.

High res

Also a short remake of the iPhone video for greyscalegorilla lighting and rendering challenge


10/10 :yes: Only crit is that the image compression is awful :frowning:

But that’s really nit-picking :wink:

I’ve uploaded a high res version, because the attachment compression on BA doesn’t do it justice

Looks good! Model has some problems, screen isn’t flat, black border isn’t even, and if its supposed to be a 4s like for the competition then the black strips are in the wrong places. The render looks great though, the materials are nearly spot on.

Yeah, the model is based off the iPhone 4, so you got me on that one :wink:

Though this was mainly me playing with cycles nodes system, and i learnt a lot. I don’t plan on rendering again though, so I’m going to leave it as is. Thanks for your comment

Wow looks awesome.

Anyways RIP. Steve Jobs

Can you explain the materials you used?

Heh, you might as well just call it 4s, since the only real difference is a new processor.

I really like the reflection on it. Excellent job.