iphone 5s and camera tracking/match moving settings?

Its a jungle out there, and if you dont have camera expertise its hard to find.

Anyone using the iphone 5s for camera tracking/match moving in Blender

  • and know all the lens(focal lenght, sensor Width, pixel aspect ratio, lens distortion etc.) settings which Blender needs to know?

Im a bit stuck. All ive found is:
Focal Lenght = 4.12 mm
Sensor format = ~1/3.0" (4.89x3.67 mm) - so i guess sensor Width is 4.89mm!? - but is it for video?

Thank you

(im using Blender 2.68a)
Edit: thanks for putting it in the right category

Yes 4.89mm would be the width. The focal legth and sensor size appear correct. I’d get going with those and see how you go! You could shoot a lens distortion grid of some kind to try and establish the lens distortion values (but who does that right?), or just make some manual micro adjustments until you get your solve error coming down. Let us know how you go!