iPhone app for 3D body scanning

Hi blender community,

We released an app for super-easy 3D body scanning! Just turn around in from of the camera. The avatars come with rig. See this video. And here is an app link.

Some scan examples:

  1. Body scan of a person: link

  2. More examples of scans: link

  3. Head only scan: link (not enabled in this app, but we could probably release this also).

Would love to hear what you think!

Hi! I was fairly impressed with the results. Great job!

Few questions / suggestions:

  • Can I export my character with a rig as FBX/ GLTF?

  • Would it be possible to scan a bigger are of the head? (More of the ears and head shape.)

  • Could it separately scan closeup of the hand (and mirror it) for higher detail scan of hands on the model.

  • Some kind of mesh volume preserving threshold for detecting if the body part shape deviates too drastically from the norm.