iPhone app for 3D body scanning

Hi blender community,

We released an app for super-easy 3D body scanning! Just turn around in from of the camera. The avatars come with rig. See this video. And here is an app link.

Some scan examples:

  1. Body scan of a person: link

  2. More examples of scans: link

  3. Head only scan: link (not enabled in this app, but we could probably release this also).

Would love to hear what you think!

Hi! I was fairly impressed with the results. Great job!

Few questions / suggestions:

  • Can I export my character with a rig as FBX/ GLTF?

  • Would it be possible to scan a bigger are of the head? (More of the ears and head shape.)

  • Could it separately scan closeup of the hand (and mirror it) for higher detail scan of hands on the model.

  • Some kind of mesh volume preserving threshold for detecting if the body part shape deviates too drastically from the norm.


Hi @Jaydead ,

We’ve recently updated the technology and the app, it now features export with Rig as .fbx / .gltf. The quality of the head and ears is now much better now as well.

Speaking of hand scanning – it’s not supported yet, but we will see if it’s possible to implement.

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Sounds interesting but is it true that I need to pay 5,49€ for each export?

Due to high compute requirements of the algorithm we now charge $20 per 5 avatars. Yet, there is trial period of 3 days so you can get 5 avatars for free if you do them during the trial period.

Hi everybody!

Just pushed an update that drastically improves the skeleton. Now it’s fully Mixamo compatible and you can plug-in in3D avatars into any game or environment that works with Mixamo rig.

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