iPhone Game - Blender 2D/3D artisit needed ASAP

We have a game (inetmania.com) that is 90% ready for the iPhone App store. We have been told by Apple they love the game play but it needs to look a bit better.

I am looking for a artist that can produce 4 - 5 pieces of artwork for our programmers to implement. The deadline is Jan 9th, so I need to find someone pretty quickly.

The game style is a cross between Life and Monopoly ( it is a board game basically )

A few screens are posted on www.inetmania.com ( I can send more if needed)

The work is about 50/50 on 2D and 3D, not sure on polycounts. But probably trying to go for light as possible while maintaining a illustrative look…

  1. A simple progress bar
  2. A game Board that appears a bit more elegant, currently it is the squares ( squares are fine actually ) but the rest is just a green fill. So Textures for the game board fill and borders.
  3. A 3D rendered round tabletop with legs ( wood grain )
  4. A 2D texture, panoramic home office interior, for the background, either cylinder or cube mapped. A great example is how it is done in the beer bounce app on the app store.
  5. A 3D rendered and textured garden gnome 3D for one of the game pieces.

Contact me asap if interested.

Ben Fisher

Game looks pretty cool. Good luck with the project.

While I’m not interested I want to thank you for actually having something to show instead of just saying “WE NEEDZ ARTSITS CAUSE WE’RE GONNA MAKE A GAME.” 12 year olds take note, this is how you ask for help.

Wow! (not!) … we are really getting allot of this, Do we?!

I have work, there are blender-heads really will like to join in…

(how did they know about us?!) :confused:

I would love to see this game, however the link you supplied doesn’t seem to work. Has the server been overloaded?

Ok, I looked at the screenie looks good. Though you can probably make the edges look a little smoother or make it a wee bit higher poly, which might make the quality higher. (Apple accepts games made in Blender? How did you use it with the SDK? I have it but no idea how? )
I will be willing to do a few small models you can use, I’ll do it for free too. But it depends on what models.

Did he ever say he used Blender?

No, he just wants models to use in some other engine.

I could make a progress bar and a table…

Right. Also I could export it to any other format.
So as he said about a table, I can do one too… :slight_smile:
Also, if we work on it, will we get the app for free?

blenderman quit while your ahead, you don’t have a clue :confused:

What’s in it for me? Are you selling that game? If so would I get a cut?

Basically I can do anything that you asked, but unless there’s something in it for me I have no reason to help…

I imagine if your name was in the credits of a shipped title, that would be a good thing for you -[Killer]-. Especially if you’re trying to break into the games industry.

you’d be dumb thinking an iphone game (credits or othwerwise) will get you ‘noticed’ via a name alone, especially on a simple board game involving a plane with andimage on it, simple 3D models as user icons and a dice lol…

http://www.techpadagency.com/ :wink: