iPhone/iPad Covers

Hello fellow Blender artists!

We have a client who is launching a new business selling iPhone and iPad covers (iPhone 4 and 5, and for the moment, just the iPad and not the iPad Mini, although this may be an addition in the future).

We have recommended to this client that he use rendered 3D models of these cases on the website, as opposed to individual studio photos for each case, as this will a) greatly reduce his costs and b) will be much easier to maintain/update, especially when new case patterns/materials are released, noting in that scenario that only the material would need to be updated within Blender. The rendered product image would then also maintain its original lighting and positioning, which is perfect for the continuity flow in the website.

With all that in mind, we are looking for someone who can create an exact replica of a hard model/sample which we will send to them in the post, shown cased on a 3D iPhone and iPad which, in terms of appearance and dimensions, should be as close to an original model as possible (ignoring screen content, as this will not be visible).

What the client is paying for is the final .blend file(s) (separate files or layers for iPhone 4, 5 and iPad), set up in a way that easily permits him to alter the lighting, textures and camera positions to then create his own renders for the website. He is paying for full ownership and copyright on these files and under no circumstances should the models be sold elsewhere. We maintain that the finished products can be shown as part of the artist’s active portfolio, so long as there is no threat the competition of the client’s business.

Our company (Inengi Ltd) is primarily there to build the website, however we will be heavily involved in the initial rendering and uploading process, so you will mostly be dealing directly with us (or me, in particular), rather than the client.

It may be useful for any potential artists to also have experience with vector-based illustration, although this is not an absolute necessity and we will gladly consider applications from non-illustrative artists. The reason the illustration could be useful is that the client may ask for advice on importing vector graphics from Adobe Illustrator into Blender and then adding/positioning a vector-based texture to the model that you have built.

Further details will be given to the right individual, although for now we’re just out to find the best prices from the most qualified individuals before we make a final decision. We would ideally like to hear from someone in the next few weeks.

The client would prefer to deal with a UK-based individual and invoicing is an absolute must as the client is currently trading under (and establishing the new company from) an existing business.

Please also bear in mind that an address to send the samples to and a telephone number for initial communication is an absolute necessity.

You can reach me through PM on this forum or via [email protected].

Many thanks in advance for your consideration.

Kind regards,
Julian Parge

Hello Julian,

Potentially an interesting project. One thing to be aware of is (last time I checked) Blender does not have that ability to use vector art as a texture, it can import vector art but only as objects. So basically you have to convert the vector art to bitmap before using it as a texture.
Also, If I understand you right, you want models of not just the new housing but also of the iphone 4 and 5 and the iPad for use in the advertisement. If so are you familiar with the legalities of using models of Apple products in your advertisements? (This has come up on Blendswap recently with the requirement that brand name products be listed as ‘fan art’ along with a disclaimer that they are not to be used commercially without permission from the company.)


Thanks for your advice on the use of vector images - I was afraid that this may be the case, however this is not such a big problem as I can do the textures myself in high resolution using Photoshop. Or Illustrator first and then just exporting to bitmap as you suggested.

The actual faces of the iPhone and iPad will not be visible in the final rendered images, the client simply wants the model to be in its case on the product page and he wants it displayed at an angle where part of the phone would be visible (i.e., the camera, potentially the lock key and side buttons, speaker mesh and USB/audio jacks) to give customers a better idea of how their case would look.

As far as I’m aware, we’re not breaking any copyright laws, we’d be facing the same restrictions that we would have if we were doing actual photos of the encased phones. I am not 100% certain on this, but I think the only restriction is that we state the purpose of the phone and that it’s not actually being sold with the cover. Fortunately I am well connected and I will be able to get a definitive answer on this today.

The right candidate will obviously receive several of our competitor’s websites to get a better idea of what we’re trying to achieve. I can say with absolute certainty that this is being done similarly elsewhere, although as far as I can tell it’s not being done with 3D software the way I am suggesting to my client.

The good thing about using Blender over software like Illustrator is that we have a lot more freedom in terms of natural lighting and realistic renders.

Note to all applicants: I will get back to all of you once we've made a final decision on who we're going with, please be sure to include any rates or fees in your application as this will help us narrow it down. Thanks already to the two community members who sent in their portfolio via email. You will all be added to the pool and a decision will be made this week if we receive enough applicants.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Thank you very much for all the applications, we have now chosen an artist who applied via email and we are happy to proceed with him.

Kind regards,