iPhone - iTracer

For all you who have an iPhone/iPod Touch:

I found an application a while back called iTracer, and I thought it would be fun to post a thread showing off any renders you’ve done in it. For those of you who don’t have the app I’ve attached two photos… The first one rendered with iTracer and the second rendered with Blender… all material settings are identical. My iPhone rendered the iTracer image in a matter of seconds, including anti-aliasing.

A little bit about iTracer:

iTracer is a 3D application that mainly uses primitives, so I can’t really call it a modeling application per say, however, you can create custom meshes. It supports revolution meshes and extrusion meshes with per vertex normals, and you have full control of each vertex while modeling. The primitives supplied are sphere, box(cube), cylinder, and a cone. Each of these (except box) will always show smooth curves in the render, no matter how close the camera is.

The only light type is a lamp, but you can manipulate color/power, and toggle raytracing for each light. When moving/rotating/scaling objects, you can simply use the UI, or you can enter numerical values for precision.

iTracer supports raytraced reflections and refractions, with fresnel support. Transparent shadows are also automatically calculated. The UI is remarkably smooth, and displays real-time lighting based on your actual lighting rig. The render settings let you toggle shadows, anti-aliasing, you can change the overall render quality, and you can render in sizes of 256 px, 512 px, and 1024 px, then email the .png file to yourself or save it in your iPhone’s photos. Another option allows you to export the scene as a 3ds and email it to yourself, but for some reason Blender throws an error while loading them, so I guess it’s just for 3ds Max. The only major downside I see to this app is support for perspective… everything is orthographic, oh well, it’s a great app that lets you unleash your 3D modeling needs on the go!

So, if you have the app, please post some images of what you’ve done… if not, you should definitely get it… current cost is $2.99. I’ll try to answer any questions you may have regarding the app as well, I’ve owned it for several months now.



If you want to do some sculpting there is also Sculptmaster3D (free) and Sculptmaster 3D (£1.79).



Thanks Richard! That’s definitely a cool app, if that sculpting/painting power could be combined with iTracer’s render engine, that would be an incredible app! I’m sure I spend some time playing around with this one…

While these apps look real good I personally have difficulty with the touch screen interface. Having your fingers in the way when you’re trying to draw gets a bit annoying. However with their low cost its difficult to complain.


I minded that a bit at first too, but I can overlook it without much difficulty… the biggest problem I have is that my creativity is often limited by lack of functionality. But how many tools and options can you have on a 3.5" screen and still have it be intuitive? The price is also great, I think the price of iTracer has come down a bit since I bought it, but still, it’s pocket change really!