iPhone SDK's Annoyingness!

I recently got the iPhone SDK and Xcode Tools to develop. (Mainly to learn) when I realized that to port iPhone Apps to AppStore you need to sign up for iPhone Developer Program for $99! I thought it was FREE! :frowning: Well then, at least I can develop for iPhone…

Hackers can see what you do with the iPhone…

Don’t worry. I don’t have a iPhone. Just the SDK. :smiley:

fun one more reason to buy a google powered phone.

Hey there,

Its worth noting that you can do a lot with the Free SDK by its self with the emulator, so might as well just stick to that till your ready to buy an iPhone or iPod touch. I have an iPod touch for development and its always running the latest builds, and I’ve got an iphone too but that stays with the current release.

It is recommended to have a separate device for iPhone development because your are basically running off SVN builds on that thing while your developing or testing. Personally I’d like to keep the device that could be used to make an emergency call on current builds, not prerelease/experimental builds.

That said, iphone development is fun and welcome to mind bender that is Objective C. You will probably grow to love it, but give your self a few months.

Actually, that’s what I was thinking. Since I don’t have much programming expirience except for Linux Bash Shell scripting ( :smiley: ) I’m getting a book for Mac Development for begginers, and then we’re walking. Also on the road, just to ask, after unlocking, is it possible to keep your iPhone without a phone contract? I seriously don’t want a phone just a iPhone with out the Phone, but reason why? iPhone has camera, iPhone has mic, also some apps features the iPod Touch no-have.