iPi-Soft Makewalk Rigify "IK / FK Switch" turned into integer values?

When creating a standard human rig with Rigify the IK / FK switch works normal:

After importing a bvh file from ipisoft and transferring it with Makewalk,the IK / FK switch
from Rigify then only uses full digits and no comma values are possible anymore.

That makes a smooth transition between IK / FK impossible and usless for a mocap workflow!

Does anybody know a workaround or any other solution?

Btw, changing the keys to Bezier doesn’t do anything. As you can see, in the second picture, there are Bezier handles, but the source value is integer anyway.

It’s driving me crazy, because that workflow could save my current project!

YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHH!! I found a workaround!! :smiley:

When I finished my current project I will write steps to get it working. If anybody cares.

We are having the same problem. If you would write about the steps needed to get it working it would be much appreciated…:wink:

I believe you may be able to correct this by going into the properties feild for IK/FK switch…
I think this is on the FK hand (and Foot Controlers) on the Riggify (Meta Rigg) …
Properties > Bone > Custom Properties > ikfk_switch > edit… make sure that there are some zero’s left of the decimal point in Min and Max feilds… maybe even the Property Value Feild also…


sorry for the late answer.
You got two options:

  1. You can download the nightly build of MakeHuman.
    The developers removed the bug in those scripts that come with that nightly build.

  2. The workaround I had to figure out before the devs could react and if you can’t re-import everything etc:

Go to Pose-Mode select the IK target.
In the Bone Options scroll down and expand “Custom Properties”.
There you’ll find “ikfk_switch”. Click on minus to remove that entry.
Then click on that “Add” button to create a new entry and name it
ikfk_switch as the one before. I’m lazy so I just copied the name.
You have to make sure that the min and max values are 0 and 1.
But I think that’s like that by default.

That’s it!

The import script simply overrode the value type. By recreating it the value type will be reset.
But when you just get the script from the nightly build from the makehuman website you will never have to do that:


Would be nice to know if it worked for you.?