IPN texture for video


Forgive me if the questions have already been raised in the past. I turn around a concern to the textures. Pour une vidéo, sur l’état de la texture, je ne peux pas faire le bon résultat. :frowning:

J’ai modélisé IPN / IPE. J’ai ajouté marque couture. Tab, je reçois un UV-MAP. A ce jour, je me retrouve avec des dizaines de textures à faire. :eek:

I would like to know how best to go about texturing IPN / IPE as the picture out here.

Codrico Food Industries par Bart van Damme, sur Flickr

We see perfectly well that it is neither too young nor too old. This is the effect that I would reproduce.

Currently, my IPN / IPE are disjoint. Should he join then be UV MAP?

What size UV-Map i’m taken to that end and photo-realistic rendering? … without too many pixels!

My project looks like this. For the moment!

Thank you very much for your patience and your help. For me that begins, it is not always easy to take up a notch for more. :cool: