IPO-action doesn't result in smooth motion... why not?

I’ve got an object that will rotate smoothly in a (say…) 180-frame-long rotY IPO in an ordinary render-sequence.

In GameBlender, I link an Always sensor (firing every 180 frames) to an IPO actuator (frame-ranges 0…179) and…

… I get an animation that isn’t smooth. Not at all. It rotates “forward,” then jitters and seems to rotate backward. Absolutely horrid.


Don’t set your always sensor to fire every 180 frames (I’m pretty sure that’s not what the f value is, anyways!) and set the IPO actuator to play, or play loop or something. Just fool around with the options of playing the animation within the actuator until you get something good. Also note, that since you’re rotating 180 degrees, there will almost certainly be a jump as your object goes from 180 to 0 in a frame.