Ipo Actuator / Play - Pause


Is there a way to set Pause and Play with actuator.
The best for be will be a simple script command to set that.

I need to control Empty Ipo animation only With script.

Use a loopstop and just start and stop it with a script.

if I wanna make a pause in the middle of animation, how can I do that … .??

Just stop it.
start it again

If it’s set at loop stop it should start up where it stopped. It does on the action actuator the last time I checked, but things are a little chancy since they installed bullet.

I would make the IPO to a property and then control the python so if you press for example uparrow it would add +1 to the property value and depending on the value it would assign the frame of the IPO

hope that helped

ok so now, how i set +1 according to time (25 time by seconde ) ??


if I understood you right then this blend file might help


the refresh script depent to the cpu speed, so i had to refere to a timer to get the right speed no ??