ipo and jumping

i’ve gotten a character of mine to move but i cant seem to get his animation to activate when he does. i took the walking tutorial at -

http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/true/947/id13.htm -

     so could someone please help me with the Lbrick layout?  I have the animation made so its there but just not activating with the movements.

add property to floor “floor” then , in the character , "if collisuon with the propertie floor, and , motion “12.00” " like that if you want i could post a .blend of a demo.

thnx im gonna try it right now…

ok dude, glad too help.

k i made a plane and add’d a property to it
property: Float
Name: floor

the motion Lblocks are in the empty on the model.
The actual animation is on the armature.

       -Armature Blocks-
              Sensors: keyboard-forward
                           collision sensor -  Property;floor
             Controllers: And-cont
             Actuators:  Ipo-act   --- Loop End   Sta:1   End:40

Thats what i’ve got so far… That about right?

yea a demo file would probly b alot better lol