IPO and moving?

Sorry or all the questions lately but I am making really good progress on my game.

My question is how to make some one an IPO and dloc move at the same time? basically I made a creature that moves by jumping, and made an animation of him going up then down, and when I set it play this animation always under the logic tab everything works out, but as soon as I give him a dloc to go fowards, he won’t go forwards.

I know part of the problem might be when I made the animation I set it loc here and the loc here, so when I try to move and it is playing that animation it is set to the location and keeps going back there to play the animation, how do I fix this?

I have tried it with armatures and set it to play the action, but I really know nothing about action and the NLA action editor and all of that stuff. Thanks in advance.

Are you using the motion logic brick to move him forward around or the ipo… ?

At the current time I have IPO telling him to jump up and down and a Motion actuator (Logic Brick) telling him to go fowards.

You can’t do it that way. The Loc IPO will always reset the position of the character, so the dLoc motion will have essentially no effect.

Use an armature instead. Animate the armature with a jumping action, then use the Action actuator (on the Armature, not the player) to run the jumping as the player is moving forward with dLoc motion.

Aright, thanks a lot.

Armature actions are in a sense “local,” right?

don’t really know what your asking, but if you want it to play and action that you made with armatures you add an actuator to you armatures and set it to Action then type in the name of the action, which you can view under the NLA Action Editor.

Yes they are.

You shouldnt make the ipo of him moving up and down, i think. You should have him jump in place, as you would make an animation walk in place, and have the motion actuator handle the movement