IPO | Animating the texture

Hi all

I´m tryin to make a conveyor belt that should move.


Can anyone tell me how to animate the texture in the IPO so that it look like the conveyor belt is moving…

Or maybe point me to a Tuto or Doc about :wink:

Thanks for reading

Search the Support forums for the following:

ipo texture ofs

You will find a couple of threads that talk about animated textures. Also note that animating a texture to move across a material is a material ipo (Map Input), not a texture ipo, (Map To).

Best of Luck!!

That´s what I found usefull if someone else want to know about:

IPO Material:

Animating UV texture


This one is really really usefull (too much for me right naw) but If you´re reading that u must take a look:

Animating Texture