IPO animation for a different object...

i just started to experiment with the Blender Game Engine and I think it has some really nice features, which only could be found in commercial 3d-content-creation applications like Virtools.
But… like every beginner, i have to ask :smiley:

1.I have object X and object Y; and i have sensor for mouse click on object X(=actually 2 sensors - mouse over and mouse left click combined with an AND controller).

Is it possible, when the user clicks object X to animate object Y, which i have an IPO animation for?How?

2.Is there a way to turn on antialiasing?if any

i’m sure i ll have more questions in the future

  1. It is Select both objects and make sure you have the “Sel” button pressed next to the Actuators, then the list of actuators will contain all selected objects and you can link between them

  2. I don’t think so

If you have an nvidia card with fairly new drivers then you can go to the nvidia control panel and set it to force antialiasing and antroscopic filtering. On my system, that works if you want games made in the BGE to be antialiased.

If you have an ATI card, I am sure you can do to same thing, just do a websearch and find out. From memory you should be looking for either the “ATI control panel” or “ATI tray tools”.

Hope that helps,


PS: please remember that these solutions are system specific so they have to be performed on any system that runs the game which means they really are unsuitable if you want to distribute a game with antialiasing an an inbuilt game option.

thank you for the replys!
both really useful…
INM8, at least I can now make some cool screenshots of the project, running antialiased :smiley:

and question number 3… :slight_smile:

  1. How to change the mouse cursor?I just want something more suitable for the project I am making.

I use Rasterizer.showMouse(1) to show the mouse, but its with the usual Windows(respectively Linux) mouse cursor sprite.