IPO colour/alpha

In my game the reticle’s colour and alpha is controlled by an IPO so it can fade in and out when needed and when not. It appears on both of my computers but when I tried it on other computers it wouldn’t work at all. Am I missing something really simple or is it the other computers with the problem. Both my computers are using 2.48 but the others aren’t, is that why it won’t appear?

On my computer, in 2.48, color/alpha IPOs don’t seem to work, where they used to in earlier versions. I dunno if this is related, but I just thought I’d throw it out there…

I think it was when they introduced the GLSL system, Hopefully some dev will implement it.

If your talking about realtime color ipo’s, then you have to use ObColor. In the example .blend just put the mouse over the cube and it will turn blue.


color-ipo.blend (129 KB)

I looked at that blend but I’m using the same stuff in the game (except just ColB and ColA). Maybe it is the other computers. I saved it in 2.48 but the other computers I went on had 2.47 and I couldn’t put 2.48 on them because I needed to be admin to install the C++ thing.