IPO curve and rigging...

I’m using a tutorial (http://kokcito.tk/rvk/ipo.html) to fix rigging deformation in the mesh.
So I changed the mesh when the bone is rotated but when i return it to the original state - the change in the mesh stays… (If i had to pump up the arm when it is folded, it will stay pumped even when the arm is straight)
how can i fix it?
[And can somebody tell me why i’m not getting notification for responses even if i choose “instant email notification”?]
thanks :slight_smile:

Are you useing shape keys?
the thing with shape keys is you need to keep the basis shap as your base shape, or un modified shape, then creat a new shape key and name it “arm fold”, of “shoulder up”, then you can modify those new shapes and in rest position it will be the basis shape.

as for the instent messages, I think you only get them for private messages, not reply messages.

and the mesh deforms according to the shape key I select but when i move the bone to its original state, the mesh does not return to his.