IPO curve copying?

Can I somehow copy let say the pose LOCX curve to a object DLOCX or am I forced to do it manually

why do I need it bad well I´m testing a theory

feel free to try it too

it might be a solution to first person shooter game that need collision dection for their characters

and if my calculation is true it´s gonna be hard work

you see when I animate a bone in my IPOwindow and selected POSE instead of usaual object I see how the bone rotate and and move

and what I´m trying to do is make a object (that is in the same place and shaped as the bone and is parented to the bone that is parented to the armature making a chain of meshes) get the XYZ of the Location and Rotation of the bone and set the them as their DLOC and ROT

if I´m succesful I´ll try to make blend file

any help would be apriciated

You can convert Ipo’s to Force, there a little button right next to it when you ipos

Sounds like a little trouble, but it might work. What about parenting the armature and the ipo object to the same empty?

not really the same thing I was looking for
I was wondering if there was any way to get an ipo curve and place it from pose to object.

Thanks anyway.:slight_smile:

Fireside, I’m trying to make cubes that have the same position and rotation as the bones of the armature so you can manuely shoot any part of the body in your character.:smiley:

For copying IPOs you can use the Up and Down arrows in the IPO editor. Select the channels you want to copy, hit “A” to select all vertices, press the down arrow icon. Select the target channels, click on the Up arrow.