IPO Curve Editor - Pressing 'I' doesn't insert keyframe?

Hi, I’m doing the spiral staircase tutorial on blender org - when I press ‘I’ to insert a keyframe it reads ‘Insert Key Vertices’ and won’t let me insert a keyframe. Am I doing something wrong?

Isn’t that funny, you can’t insert keyframes in the IPO window. Just CTRL-Click in that window to set keyframes. Before you CTRL-Click, select one of the channels on the right that you want the new keyframe to apply to. EXAMPLE:LocX

Using that method, you can only add a single keyframe for a single IPO channel at a time. To add multiple channels, use the I-Key to insert a keyframe while your mouse is over a 3D windows, then choose LOC,ROT or SCALE.

Thanks for that Atom. Spent far too long behind computer today - not thinking straight!