ipo curve recording

i’m trying to make animation where wheels are rotating. first i tried to do mirrored objects and make wheels rotate just by adding a rotation from logic bricks to one wheel. it didn’t work. i’m using 2.42. then i made seperate logics to all rotation to all wheels and it worked. but to get this rotation work in animation i hoped that ipo curve recording would work… no luck. am i doing something terribly wrong or does ipo curve recording work with logic bricks too?

i was trying to record rotation of mirrored object

Not quite sure what you mean by “ipo curve recording”
or what you are trying to achieve:)

Please give us more info

Dr S

Like recording the animation of the Motion palete instead of using Physics just the keyboard control. Can that be recored to keyframes?

I played around with recording to IPO a little while ago, and I seem to remember that only physics simulations are recorded, nothing else. If you were using the “dRot” on the motion actuator, I doubt it would record to IPO. However, I would expect the “Torque” and “AngV” settings to record to IPO, since they represent the application of a force. Try doing your rotation with those instead. Also, your object will need to be set to “Actor > Dynamic > Rigid Body” to be properly considered by the physics engine. Since this will cause the wheel to be affected by gravity, you will need to find a way to keep it from falling.

Take a look at this page.
look under the ‘game to ipo.’


You can simple build the rotation of wheels manually.

  • Make a rotation key at frame 1.
  • Make a 180° rotation at frame 19 (1+18). Set a rotation key there.
  • Go to the IPO editor. Select the curve with the rotation applyed.
  • Extend Mode -> extrapolation.
  • Set an IPO actuator endless playing the IPO from 1 to 36(2x18).With this method you only need two keys. You can delete the curves from the axis without changes. If the curve type is bezier you can even remove the second key.
    To adjust rotation speed play with the endframe/second key.
    Note: setting a 360 degree rotation will result in no rotation. Blender optimizes a little bit to mutch here.

I hope this helps

I have something not like a wheel. But the script seesm to work. This kind of thing should be in by default