ipo curve

how do i make it start - continue - and end at the same speed?
i tried rotating the yellow thing till it was inline with the curve - but that is kinda hit or miss,
especially when i have several objects moving together!

i wish to move an object right to left with 4 other objects moving at the same pace.
then the 1st objects stop and the others continue on.
thanks all


Select the IPO curve press T and choose Linear.

first set your interpolation type to linear. to do this, go to your ipo window, select the curve by right clicking, then press ‘t’ and choose ‘linear’. for the additional objects, just parent them to the first object, and in the case of the odball object, you’ll either have to give it it’s own ipo, or use constraints. To do it with constraints, you’ll need to have two constraints for the odball object. Fist, a ‘child of’ constraint, so that it follows the first object, and also, a ‘copy loc’ constraint for when you want to stop it. For your ‘child of’ constraint, youll need to type in the name of the object that it’s following…and for the copy loc constraint, you should use an empty, so add an empty, and type in the name of that empty to you copy loc constraint. set the influence slider of the copy loc constraint to zero, and go ahead in your animation to where you want the oddball object to stop. now, with your mouse cursor in the 3D window, select the oddball object, and hit ‘shift-S’ and choose ‘snap cursor to selected’. Now select the empty, and hit shift S again, and choose ‘snap selected to cursor’…so…
Now you need to key the influences of the constraints. For the ‘child of’ constraint, you want the influence to be 100% until you get to the frame where you want it to stop. so, dial the influence slider up to 100% on frame 1, and hit the button that says ‘key’, then go to the frame where the oddball object stops, hit key again, and advance 1 frame. turn the slider all the way down, and hit ‘key’ again. Now do the same thing with the ‘copy loc’ constraint, but key the influences so that they are opposite of the ‘child of’ constraint.

wow that sounds complicated!
thanks both of you for your help

It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

i cheated.
by making the curves linear - everthing worked.