Ipo curves for VSE film strips in blender 2.53

I’m finding my way around Blender 2.53. I have some film strips in the VSE. In 2.49 each one automatically had an associated ipo curve that controlled the strip (along with the blend mode).

The example that I’m trying to do uses two copies of the same film strip, each with different colour correction settings - so I can give the upper strip an ipo curve and create “flickering” between the two strips.

In 2.53 the graph editor stays blank when a film strip is selected and I can’t seem to add points or create an ipo curve at all. Any help appreciated - thanx :eek:

hi there scifi, cant quite follow what you are describing but it sounds like something I did last year for an advert, could you post or email the blend file so I can compare it in 249/253?

Hi krupa, I’ll try and post a blend later but the file is simply an AVI film strip in the VSE, plus a duplicate of it, and I just can’t seem to add an IPO curve to a film strip - I think that’s all I need to do.

ah sorry, kinda understand now, thought oyu were using flm style filmstrips or something… to add animation to opacity etc it seems to work the same as all the animation in 2.5x, right click the parameter and click ‘insert keyframe’ …

Thank you - problem solved.

I tried but I can’t get drivers to work with inputs for compositor or VSE, only f-curves. THat is fine but tedious since you can’t copy and paste from one data type to another. Also the ctrl L click to add data points seems to have disappeared again so entering points on the curves is extremely cumbersome.