IPO curves

(croxis) #1

How can I convert the IPO curves in the animation window-graph to strait line-sharp corners? I want a tron like effect but I don’t want to have to manualy adjust over 50 curves to fake the effect!

thank you!

(Doc Holiday) #2

Press T-Key to chose the Type of Your Curve. Also, You can use the H-Key (in Edit Mode) to make sharp Corners.

I hope, that’s what You mean. :slight_smile:
Cu, Doc

(croxis) #3

Yes it is, thank you!

(bmax) #4

cool, i didnt know that!! :smiley:

(theeth) #5

Actually, it’s Vkey for sharp angles, to change to the Vector handles type. Hkey toggles between Free and Aligned handles.