IPO Driver Duplicate Inheritance Problem

Okay, I am working on a missile model for this fighter I am working on. Since the fighter lanches its missiles from tubes, I needed the fins on the missiles to unfold once the missile cleared the craft. I used a IPO Driver system to make my life easier, since I only have to worry about one bone-based “switch” to deploy the fins.
It consists of the Missle body itself, and three sets of hinged fins, each composed of two objects. Rotating the Driving Bone 90 degrees on the x axis rotates both fin sections on all three fins from a folded state to a fully extended state.
HOWEVER, once I finished the system and tested it (it works perfectly) I found that any unlinked duplicate of the missile and its respective animation system and fins inherited the Driver from the original missile, i.e., the original bone “switch” controls ALL of the fins animation. Changing the driving bone assignment on any member of the fins changes the assignment on all fins.
Is there something I am missing? How do I remove this inheritance problem?

You’ll have to manually update the Armature name in the IPO driver for the duplicates, it doesn’t rename automatically.


press the single user button next to the ipo name. Right now it probably has a 4 in it (if there are 4 missles).