ipo + logicbrick

(jeotero) #1

What im trying to do is:

  1. I have an animation (call using ipo), so when the user select something in a menu i want to fade to black (DONE).
  2. AFTER THE FADE i want to jump to the selected scene(CANNOT COMBINE 1 AND 2).
  3. Fade from black in the new scene (DONE)

I can fade to black OR jump to the new scene, but how do i make the game engine wait for the fade to black and THEN jump to the scene

A timer ? any ideas ?

Thanks for your help.

(blenderage) #2

ok this probably seems like a long winded way to do it but it works. Create a cube, make it an actor place it out of vie or make it invisible. Make another cube invisible or out of view again. Create an ipo that keeps it in place until 1 frame before you want to jump to next scene then on the fram you want to change seen create an ipo that makes the non actor cube touch with the actor cube. Then on the actor create logic bricks with touch sensors (give your non actor cube a material) so that it triggers the scene change on that final fram hence changing scenes after the fade out. Hope this helps, i would too like to know an easier way to do this with timers etc.

(jeotero) #3

thanks for the reply i thought about that one also :slight_smile:

im just looking for an elegant solution :stuck_out_tongue: not a hack, of course if i cannot find one would use that one :slight_smile:

(wiseman303) #4

You could use properties to control the animation (select property in the ipo actuator.) Then you could have logic bricks set up so that when the propert gets to a sertain value (and thus, the animation to a certain frame,) it changes the scene.

(jeotero) #5

THATS THE SOLUTION, damn and im already using something like that for my health bar, duh

Thanks Wiseman :stuck_out_tongue:

(wiseman303) #6

No problem. :slight_smile: