Ipo Not Working??

For some reason when i try to trigger the my character run ipo, nothing happens.
i took off the controllers and everything but the ipo is still there.
Check the .blend
please help


Stickman.blend (357 KB)

Explain please what you want to do, and the problem :slight_smile:

Well if u look in to ipo window and just drag the bar acroos from 1 -250 u can see the run animation,
My problem is gettin it to play the ipo. like when i assign an arrow key or anything to start the ipo it wont work

I pressed Alt+A fine and it worked perfectly, ask in the support section of blenderartists because this is for the game engine 0.o

What does alt + a do? and how do i do it? kuz theres like 4 options that come up. and do i do it to the body or the armature?

opps sorry i accidentally pressed ctrl +a, okay alt + a looks right but howcome it wont work when i try to use it when i press forward?

  1. You have an animated armature. Armatures use actions (which is a set of IPOs)
  2. You have NO LOGIC at all applied to the armature.

My advice:

  • Add an always sensor -> AND controller -> Action Actuator with the name of your action “Action”

Hey Monster i know. i said in the description that i deleted the logic. but when i apply it, it doesnt work

Mine is like this one (another .blend)


Stickman.blend (406 KB)

Ah, I see. You use the armature modifier. This does not work in the BGE.

You should assign vertex groups to the mesh and parent the mesh to the armature.
As you have separate meshes for all bones, you can parent the meshes to the according bones.

So does that mean i have to somehow separate the bones or what?

No, you don’t need to separate the bones.

At least there are multiple ways of character animation.

The usual way to have a rigged character is to model one mesh as the skin. Parent the skin mesh to the armature. Apply vertex groups (edit mode) with the names ot the bones. The vertex groups define the parts of the mesh that will be deformed with the according bones.

The alternative way of using envelopes to defines the vertices is not supported by the gameengine.
Also the armature modifier is not supported. That’s why you have to parent the mesh to the armature.

You can parent more than one mesh to an armature (e.g. clothes).

You can also parent objects to bones. They will inherit the transformation (location, rotation, scale). But they will not be deformed.

There was a good tutorial somewhere. They had an example with the ginger bread man.

…Here it is:
and the followup
it focus on rendering, but works for the game engine as well, you just have to add the logic bricks by yourself.