IPO play... IPO stop?!

hi :wink:

i have an animated object in a scene.
The animation is played with an always-and-Ipo(play) setup.

the problem is that the animation is looped, and i want at the end of the animation to load the next scene.
ideas? :confused:

Well. You can set a timer property to go to the next scene after it’s up. Or you could make some triggering thing like: Have an envisible plane moving toward another invisible plane, then when they collide it’ll set the next scene.

thanks :slight_smile:
i didnt know what this timer property was, so i tried doing this with integers but it’s not suitable, because they are CPU-dependent i think.

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the “game” i am making consist of 79 faces.
it runs fine inside Blender
but when i save it as a runtime i think it runs with like 1/2 frames per second(thats 1 frame per 2 seconds :eek:)!!!
i just don’t want to start a new thread, but i will, if i don’t get any answers >:[ … i just started to love Blender GE and now…

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ALL of my projects, saved as runtimes work so slow!!!
yesterday they were fine… what’s going on…

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I quited Blender… and strangelly… now the runtimes work fine again O_o

good i didn’t start a new thread… :smiley:

Another way might be to use the ipo(property) option. Create a float property and increment it to play your animation at the speed you want. Then create a property sensor that senses when your float property has reached the proper frame and connect that to your scene change.
More complicated, but more exact.

if you had used armatures there’s a getFrame() in python, but for some reason not in IPOs…

If it’s a moving object you could have a collision sensor?

(if you don’t want it to loop you can unclick the “true” pulse thing in the always sensor)