IPO problem in Game Engine...

Hi there I’ve been studying BGE for awhile and a noob at it, I want my character (AESC) to move and walk when the up key is press. I have created an animation that makes him look like walking. I have two actuators motion and IPO the one that should play tha animation.:confused: but when i press P he wont walk but only change his position the animation seems to be ignored.
I have downloaded a sample blend file and follow the logic bricks there the file had the objects completely moving but why does mine don’t move.

Here’s my blend file could anyone take a look at it and tell me want i’ve been doing wrong, your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Mazeebot.blend (525 KB)

to “move” characters with armatures you must use the “Action Editor” and “Action Actuator”.
Here’s an old tut, maybe useful:

Thanks, I might be messing around a bit, thanks for the tut…