IPO Recorder

Hi there fellow artists…

I was watching a tutorial on BlenderGuru.com about the introduction of the smoke simulation. For his scene he did an earthquake scene of a broken building falling. Inside he said that for the debris, he simply modelled some debris then used to IPO recorder to drop to debris onto a plane and keep it’s shape.

My question is how to do that. Drop stuff onto a plane, let it fall and do its stuff, and record that motion. Any people know how, please reply.


set it up in the game engine using rigid body dynamics (bullet physics), press ‘P’ to watch the sim, make sure the time/fps in the Bullet setting match what you’re after, then enable record to IPO in the game menu. Of course I’m talking 2.49 - not sure if it’s exactly the same with 2.5x
This essentially bakes the physics sim to animation curves for each object.

Thank you for this!!!