Ipo.setBeztriple documentation

Does anybody know the meaning of (extract from documentation):

Sets the beztriple of the Ipo.
curvepos - the position of the curve in the ipo
pointpos - the position of the point in the curve.
newbeztriple - the new value for the point
(type=list of 9 floats)

I can’t make that function work, caus’ it returns an error on all combinations I have tried of the 9 floats…



I cant get it to work either, anyone have the good oil on this?

In spite of what the doc says, the code is expecting a tuple instead of a list for the new coordinates.

Try something like this:

ipo.setCurveBeztriple( 0, 0, tuple(nbt) )

where nbt is the list of nine coords.

You might want to report this as a bug over on the blender.org Bug Tracker. It really should accept a list.