iPod 4

This is the biggest project I’ve done yet, not saying it’s that big. There is something I dislike about it but I’m not sure of what it is. Also I could find a good background so I just went with white. Please give constructive citicism!

I actually rather like it, good job! I know it’s tough to get some of those smoother edges to look right, but I think you nailed it. Where are you getting weird vibes about the piece? Front, back, side? Did you check that all of the proportions match the real object (that would make it feel “wrong” if you’re very familiar with an actual iPod)?

If I could suggest anything, and this is a pretty small thing, to be honest…I think that the screen could be just a TAD brighter, with an increase in contrast to match. The screen looks a BIT like a sticker, or maybe when they “simulate the screens” in advertisements… If you put something in there to reflect off of the screen, though (even just some lights), I think the front of the device would look quite realistic!

Sunboy is right about the environment… have you experimented with HDRI’s, some reflections would add a lot in addition to the increased contrast and brightness… maybe ever try a bit of emmission into the mix if it isn’t there all ready.

But what it really cries out for is a reworked background. Google making studio backgrounds in blender, I think they even have one you can download at blendswap. Personally even in a studio environment, I wouldn’t be a fan of this bottom / top setup like you have. Take a look at a few ad’s of products shot in a studio environment for some inspiration on how they postition the products in the compostion.

You’ve done a very good job on the model, it just needs a few tweeks and some environment improvement.

Two things that separate this from most ads featuring phone renders like this, is that a) you need more intense colours, especially on the reflections, and b) you have to cast shadows on the background. Either on a ‘floor’ surface that’s slightly reflecting the body, or a flatter shadow cast on the rear wall.

Yeah the enviroment/lighting, is where I was getting the vibes, because the back is actually a glossy metal color (like the real thing) but it doesn’t have anything to reflect accept for white. And I think I will edit the image I used for the screen and make it brighter/more contrast.

I agree with everything, I don’t feel like taking the time with enviroment though. I might just make a wood surface that covers the whole camera view and make it look like it is laying on a table. Maybe add a glass of pencils in the background or something.

HDRI is super simple and fast and adds a ton of realism. It’s an absolute must for an object this glossy.

  1. google “HDRI images”
  2. Download an image
  3. Go to world settings and click “use nodes”
    4 Click next to the color “little dot” and choose environment texture.
  4. scroll down to “ray visibility” and uncheck camera.
  5. WIN
    Here’s an image I use often and would probably be ideal for your ipod.