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Is it legal to download mp4 movies off websites like this:

The downloads are not P2P

depends on where you live, who produced the film etc. Generally if you didn’t pay for it and live in a western country then no, it isn’t legal.

What the heck is P2P? Can you PLEASE use simple, normal English?
No, English isn’t my first language. But I had been studying it for like 6 years…
You actually are paying for those.

From looking at the site, it looks fairly illegal. Most likely, they will just take your money and run. Some of the movies they list are not even on DVD yet.

@B3D00: P2P stands for peer-to-peer. It is a form of filesharing. Instead of downloading from a server, you download from people all over the internet who either have the complete file, or just parts of it. While you are downloading the file, you are also uploading parts to other users. You only download a chunk of the file at a time, and then your p2p program assembles them into the file. This is how things like bittorrent work. While it does have its legal uses(Linux isos, Big Buck Bunny producion files, etc), it is often associated with illegal activities.

Thanks, Trevin.
It seems to have a forum but googling more I found that it’s homepage link it’s on a anti-pirate website…