iPod mini


I’ve been playing around with Blender lately, trying to gain experience with the modeler and rendering, and I managed this:


It’s not very detailed, I know, but I kind of liked the cartoon look, so I thought I’d post it.

pretty good so far. the aluminum needs to look more reflective and the plastic need a higher spec/hardness.

why don’t you try to do the new Mac mini? http://www.apple.com/macmini/

Looks farely plain right now.

Lighting is fine. But here is what I would do to the materials for the grey part of the mini:

Click Materials>Mirror Transparency>Ray Mirror>Slide Amount to 0.6>Fresnel to 3.0.

Go to render options click RAY.


Its a start. Also needs some more Spec.

Look forward to update. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, guys. But I forgot to mention that while working toward all those things, I managed this image, and decided to leave it at that. But maybe I’ll work on it some more based on the advice given.

By the way, I am definitely thinking of doing the Mac mini and other Apple hardware…

send me a pm if you want some help with it, i´m also intrested on mac hardware moddeling…