Ipod Scene realism???

Hi, Im working on my first real project and it consists of a hand and and Ipod
Ive gotten the Ipod finished and was looking for some feedback?


the render is way too small to see any detail, but it looks good so far.

the table texture isn’t the bomb…you can see the seams, try using a seamless wood texture

the mirrow reflection are to strong and to perfect.
try to include bumb maps with a very low normal setting.
and maybe a grayscale map for the reflections channel.

I think the screen part should be less reflective than the “chrome” part.

Hey well ive got an update to the ipod and ive got a pic of the hand that will be in the scene later on.

but im looking for some advice for going about rigging this hand?? ive never really been to good with armatures so a good tutorial would be nice or some one mapping out where everything goes??

thanks for the help


The iPod model needs improvement. I think you want to go for the nano.

The corners should be round and the edges less sharp. The chrome back is missing.

If you can get your hands on one of these, do so and look at it carefully. Here are some pics

I can’t comment on the rendering as I basically suck at shading and rendering :o


the ipod looks pretty good to me. what stood out for me is the wood texture. it looks like wood beams (such as from a wood floor) instead of a solid piece of wood. and yeah, you can see the tileing. overall, though, it looks pretty good.