ipod shuffle | WIP

A quick project - make the ipod shuffle.
Work remains on the earplugs. The texture needs to be fixed around where the shuffle and repeat markings are.



With 2.57 out, shouldn’t the new blendigo be out as well?
Meanwhile, having fun with Octane. My old trustee 9800 seems to be holding pretty okay for now but i guess i will soon be moving up to a GTX560 or at least a 460. The attached image was done in about a couple of minutes with Direct Lighting.

Awaiting feedback.



PS: There again seems to be some problem with attached images. No idea what. Just like the 787 thread, clicking on them seems to work though.

Started working on the earphones.

the apple needs to be slightly grey on the blue one and all the buttons are sliver in color and the circular control has grey not black symbols on it.

Did more work on the earphones.
I had first planned the tiny holes to be achieved by bump mapping but it turned out be totally incapable of that. Had to model the holes.

Thanks for pointing out the colors of the button markings will fix in the final render.

I think i am almost done with this. Two new renders.
Rendered in Octane.

Nice renders :slight_smile:
The ring dark ring on the earphones is too dark though, and the main ring on the iPod itself has visible edges.

Revised render.
The ipod model is completely polygonal with no support from our friends Catmull and Clark.
Increased the polycount on the buttons wheel.

awaiting feedback.


i dont know if this is possible in octane but i did an ipod (nano) a while back and i found that if you add a very small sized cloud texture affecting the normal as well as softening the reflection it adds allot of realism, this is my version

(click for high res)

Mine is rendered with blender internal though.

Here’s a new render that shows off the details on the earphones a bit more.

@natholas: the cloud texture as a bump map works well for simulating something like floor tiles or glass panels on a building which have slight imperfections due to their large size. Not quite sure if i would need to put something like that on the ipod which is rather small with relatively perfect geometry.

have u ever held an ipod? its not as smooth as a car :slight_smile:

If you are talking about the less than perfect glossiness of the surface…then yes, i have that taken care of with the roughness parameter inside Octane. And the fine cloud texture used to be a handy technique but now it’s kinda redundant with direct control over a material’s glossiness.

ok cool, i dont know octane :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool image and nice render! Are you planning on creating a bit of a story in this scene, or will it be a just studio shot?