iPod Touch or PSP

Which do you think is better an iPod Touch, or a PSP phat and why? I’m doing this because I have a PSP phat and i’m wondering whether to sell it and get an iPod touch.

It in short depends on what you want to do with it.

They are completely different machines aimed at different markets.

iPod Touch is awesome.
It’s gaming is said to match up to early PS2 games.
(But at my look at them, not on the iTouch, it looks more like late PSX games)
iTouch is great also, it has WiFi(dunno about the PSP the PSP probably does), it has a web browser, a email application, blah blah, blah(you know) and you can Jailbreak it for even more coolness.

P.S. What’s a PSP Phat?
Sounds like PSP Fat.


DO you wanna listen to music or play videogames?

On the iTouch, you can do both.

In the UK at least there’s a lot of specialist games press reporting more and more studios developing for the iphone… it has roughly the same processing power as a PSP and the online store as electronic delivery platform is extremely attractive…

PSP has Crisis Core.

PSP wins

…ahh the “killer app card”

it’s true. Games rather than specs sell consoles…

Well yeah :slight_smile:

Would you prefer an uber l33t console with shite games or a decent console with good ones?