ipod touch...

im look-in for a fast way to make 299$ for an ipod touch 3G…16 gig…i have know idea how…(im 14)…and im also wondering if it will work if i got windows XP media center edition…

Fast way to make a few bob ? You can try collecting alumunium cans and sellin’ these to the recycle station.

arent the only like 5c each?

I thought they were more like 2 cents each…Get workin’!

If that doesn’t sound particularly exciting then try getting a paper route, I know someone who gets around $400 a month for doing a couple paper routes.

Mow and trim lawns, clean cars, animal sitting, sitting on animals, make breakfast for siblings and make them pay for it, do chores for siblings and charge them for it, discuss a pay-raise with your parents, buy old bicycles and fix them up, then sell them, make junky computers from scrap parts and sell 'em, the list goes on and on and on…


EDIT: Dog walking, baby sitting, play piano (or organ) in church, mow more lawns, rake leaves, shovel driveways, paint houses (hopefully with the owner’s consent), code programs and sell them, code programs and give them out as freeware, code Blender and make it more efficient, learn sign-language and become an interpreter…it keeps going on…

EDIT2: Picket fence painting, pick up glass bottles and return them to a recycle center-ing, logo-making with Blender, logo-making with Inkscape, logo-making with Adobe Illustrator, plant and grow a money tree, plant and grow fruits and vegetables and sell them…it still goes on…

Sell old stuff on craigslist or ebay…
Get a job doing something.
If you’re a musician, see if there’s an event which you are allowed to play at. Then set out a tip jar and “seed” it with a couple dollars.

Throw 300 bucks in there and people’ll think you’re great :wink: :yes: :evilgrin: :ba: :wink: :ba: :yes: :evilgrin:

Unfortunately there’s no “fast way” to make money, unless you have special skills… but those usually take time to acquire. The easiest way is to simply get a job (but is 14 too young?) Even doing menial jobs at restaurants etc. will net you more money than you think.

your forgetting your $80 a month contractual obligation to ATT for an iPhone 3G. Thats $1,920 for the two years of service your signing up for.

If your talking about the iPod Touch thats a different price and lacks 3G support. As cool are these phones are they are not cheap, and odds are you might use the online store and spend even more.

I wold only recommend getting one if you didn’t mind replacing it within 9 months at $500 in the event you were to accidentally break it. Otherwise you will be out of a phone and stuck in a contract if you accidentally break it and can’t replace it.

I own one and it was not an easy choice to make to get it.

well… thanks for allllll the ideas… will take into consideration and yea… and i know about breaking things and such… usually I’m “careful” with valuable things :smiley: