Well, here’s my iPod :smiley:
I was aiming for photorealism


Comments would be greatly appreciated :wink:


Looks good. Super meshing!

The details on the controls looks a little pixelated, especially on the arrows. Use a larger UVmap and use a custom Bumpmap too.

This would look really good in YafRay with an area lamp depth of 6 or 7 . The song list screen looks too dark.

Thanks Spinn,
Yeah i was having trouble doing the arrows on the wheel. Originally i UV mapped it, but this didnt work very well as the wheel is only about 6 segments so the writing got distorted with the subsurfs.
The way i have done it there is to place another wheel above the round one there. But on this wheel i have subsurf turned off and UV mapped it with a alpha map to make only the symbols opaque. I think that is why its gone pixelated.
I will try making a larger map like you said, thanks.
I am not used to using YAFray, i need to experiment with it on other things first :slight_smile:
The screen - now that you mention it, i dont know how i overlooked it… Ill correct that also.

N.B. I need to go now, as it is getting late - so i wont be able to update it untill tomorrow.

Yafray isn’t too hard. You just need to know what to turn on where. A few button pushes and you’re in business. I really like it but I agree with the display screen being too dark. Very nice though.

it looks really good. how waas the cord made?

Wow, exelent modeling…

As far as yafray goes, you could make the camara a little lower and do some interesting DOF stuff…

With all the other sugjested corrections, I think it would be pretty much perfect.

Model looks great, but materials could use some work. :wink:

Thanks for comments:

Alienwerkshopp: For the cords i made paths where i wanted the wire to go, then i used dupliverts with a NURBS surface curve to make the wire.
(There is a video tut here - http://www.ibiblio.org/bvidtute/ - Paths and Dupliframes)

Things to update:

  • New (Larger) UV map for control wheel to stop pixelation
  • New background image for the screen
  • Adjust the white material on the actual iPod to get that really shiny look they have

Ill post an updated picture as soon as its done :slight_smile:

EDIT: Heres a newer version of the picture:


  • Updated UV map with much larger res and more realisticly sized text
  • Ipod colour backdrop
  • Reflectivity has been added to white material