just a iPod


looks pretty good. i think it should be more reflective though.

Oh no, not another one %|
And seriously - Nice piece of modelling and material making. I like it.
But to speak my mind - there have been a lot of iPod renderings in this forum, and you know, you got some skills, so try to create something more challenging. I hope you get my words the right way. :slight_smile:
As they say - keep up the good work!

Gah. I hate iPods. (no offense)

The render looks good, except, I thought the wheels on the iPods weren’t raised.

Wow! That looks great! i really like that! =-)

its an iPod
and its a ncie model there, neat textures

Has anyone else seen this thing called the iBelieve? dont think its quite real (just someones idea) but imaginative deffinately

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that means the creativity…cool

actually the iBelieve is real. :smiley: Pretty cool too. I am thinking about buying one.

that’s a horrible idea, but that’s my opinion, just capitalism playing off of peoples religions. And how many songs is it going to hold, one album? They should make it only play Christen Rock or something, lol.