I am relatively new to the world of blender and I have been honeing my skill on many mini projects.
This is one such project. I spent about 4hours perfecting the iPod itself and i am pleased with the results. I am posting here to recieve feed back on how to improve my image
Post Pro done in Gimp. I know that the bottom right corner needs attention but i am to tired at the moment to rectify this point.

Looking awesome!

Very nice!
Lighting: If you want to get rid of the grainy look you can use approximate AO instead of raytrace AO. It is less accurate and makes ugly artifacts with a higher error but with the right settings it smooths out the lighting some. Just a suggestion. (Curve the ear buds…)

I quite like the grainy look. It kind of fits with the Black & White colours (??) I’ll try it tomorrow.
Have cleaned ipod face in gimp though here is new image in colour and in Black and White

And in colour

Nice, but there are a couple of things you could improve:

  • The proportion of the headphones is quite off. Compare their size to the ipod in real life.

  • For maximum realism and viewing angle possibilities, you should use actual materials on the object and not just a texture of an ipod. what i mean by this is: Make 3 materials: one reflective for the back, one reflective black for the front, and reflective for the screen. (I don’t know if the wheel is matte.) The point is that the reflections will then change with the viewing angle.

[My mistake if you have already done this and set up the reflection to look like the ipod promo images]

I agree…however I would use 4 materials 2 for the screen…one the actual screen and then the reflective/transparent cover over it.

I think it looks great, I love the b&w. But the headphones really ruin the image… they’re horrible. I’m not sure how they’re supposed to look exactly but it’s not like that. Work on it, fix it, and it’s a great image!

I am not worried about the headphones at the moment but i have created a glass screen cover but i am having problems with it looking transparent, (Whenever i put it on the ipod the screen looks black

Tried ZTransp? I too think that the earbuds should be curved when you get to it

Yeah Thats what i did. I had a cuboid for the screen before, I moved it slightly deeper into the iPod and added another cuboid ontop. The top cuboid i activated Ztransp and played with the settings until in the preview box i was happy with the results. When i rendered (Blender Internal) the screen appeared black.

Yeah… Cracked it.

I am not 100% sure how to set up the matte texture for the wheel

pretty much, spec = 0 for a matte material

Ipood He He

if you set the AO on aproximate not raytrace the noise will dissapear. or just add more samples