IPOs and dupliframes

Can someone tell me if only the IPOs of the Object category can be used on dupliframed object ?

Thank you.


Materials, Texture and Shapes work too.

Sorry, maybe I read it wrong the first time. Do you mean “use” as for Drivers?


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The problem with anything other the the Object category of IPOs is that they don’t have a varying effect along the path. They just change all the duplifamed objects at once to the same color, texture, shape : that described by those IPOs at the frame I am seeing in the animation.

Am I missing on something here ?

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No, you’re not missing anything; each dupliframe is an instance of the original and so it does whatever the original does, just at a point along the curve that relates to the curves frame.

Gabio wrote a script to solve this and I’m having trouble finding it with the search function since Elysiun and BA’s thread numbers seem to have an overlap. Anyhoo, here’s a cashed version and if it doesn’t C&P just contact him.


Instances ! Of course ! There’s the explanation !

Got it !

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