Ipos for Track to Contraints for Camera

(pamtango) #1

I read somewhere that one could have Ipos for ‘Track to’ Contraints for a camera. There’s a window for same and a button to activate it, but I can’t get any keyframe points. I want to change the ‘influence’ amts in my animation to shift focus from one object to another.
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(Gimble) #2

After pressing the ‘Edit Ipo’ button in the Constraint Buttons window for a particular constraint, you need to left click the ‘Inf’ parameter in the right hand column of the IPO Window. Then you can use Ctrl_Left Mouse click as usual to add a constraint ipo curve.

An interesting use of Constraint IPOs is to create a virtual camera switch. ie. you can have a camera following the movements of an Empty from frames 1 - 50, then have it follow an Empty2 which is parented to a track for frames 51 - 101 (for example). You can either have it ‘snap’ from one position to the next, or have a smooth transition depending on what shape of ‘Influence’ curves you use.

It’s a great new feature, I’ve already used it a couple times; and I’ve got a few other ideas to try out as well…

(theeth) #3

At the Montreal meeting, Slickdigit also told us a great use for that feature: Switching a bone from FK to IK and back and forth. He told it was great for arm animation, swith to IK when you need to grab something, and swith to FK the rest of the time.


(mthoenes) #4

Thanks for the IK/FK switch tip.
Does anyone have a blend file with this setup.

I am sure I can figure it out but my brain is a bit cooked at the moment.