Ipos suporteds in the game engine?

What is the Ipos actually suporteds by Blenders game engine?

yes ipo actuator logic brick

Holy crap this is your fifth thread in a row (almost). Please, do a search for tutorials, there are dozens of them out there, and dont post 5 separated threads with one simple question on each of them

to answer your question, (if i even understand what you’re asking), yes the game engine suports IPO’s. An IPO a way to change the position, rotation and some other attributes of objects over a given number of frames. Once you’ve given your object an IPO, under the realtime buttons, make it play the IPO for the given number of frames, and the desired condition.

I agree. This is obviously someone that has not read the game manual availible and www.blender.org or any of the thousands of online tutorial. He just decided to take the short cut of asking one line obvious questions here.

Thanks,! I’m asking what are the types actually suported because I’m translating and updating the game kit book reference. In part about the Ipo Actuator there is a list about the kinds of Ipo suporteds, but this document is not updated.

%| Lol, :expressionless: I bet some people feel awkward now. Yeah, but Natanael you probably could find it in a search someplace here.

For IPO’s if you press Shift-F8, and select IPO Curve Editor, all those types of IPO’s listed on the right hand side should be supported by the Game Engine.

Jason Lin

LocX/Y/Z, RotX/Y/Z, ColR/G/B/A and SizeX/Y/Z are supported

dLocX/Y/Z, dRotX/Y/Z, Layer, dSizeX/Y/Z, and Time are not supported

the new curves, FStreng, FFall, RDamp, Damping, and Perm are new to me and it is highly unlikely they are supported [kinda seems like they are for particles]

vertex keys [absolute and relative] are not supported
neither are the subdivision types [like catmul clark subdivision surfaces]

only lamps, cameras, meshes, and armature deformed meshes are supported [no nurbs, metaballs, lattices, particles, effects, constraints, paths, curves, curve deforms, other deforms]

for lamps the distance paramater is unused, but one of the quad variables is functional

only lamp, sun, and spot types function [the others are treated as lamp]

lamp colors can be set to negative [using ipos]

lamps only light meshes in layers they are on, unlike the rest of blender [where by default they light all visible layers]

to play an armature animation you use the action actuator. Animations can be played simultaneously if they do not use the same bones, and animations will be blended between if you choose to do so and they use the same bones.

I don’t belive there is a way to play an entire NLA animation in game blender

… There is probably more to rant about, but it escapes me right now

This is very good news. RGB is supported you say… What about alpha in the materials setting.

the color channels are only visible when you set a face to obcolor [which makes vertex colors have no effect]

use the ColA channel of the object ipo instead of the material alpha channel [and make your face alpha blended…]