IPO's: why rot works but not drot

I have been trying to use IPO actuator but it does not work if I create keys for drot channel, I have another blend file I made earlier, and I used the rot channel
there it is rotating correctly
I don’t get it…


dloc and drot don’t work in the game engine

Is there a way to play only a particular channel of the IPO in the game engine?

You can save actions independently. For instance, an arm motion that is located to some bone on the body and keyed to rotation.

How ?
It is something I can’t make the difference: IPO and Actions

Actions work on armatures. There’s a seperate action window. You must go into pose mode in the 3d window, name bones, etc. and then you can make actions and call them from the game engine. I’m just learning to use them myself.

So I should use actions instead of IPO ?
IPO is used to animate a general property(col, size, loc) and actions can be used of gestures.
are RVK considered as actions?
I am not sure if I should use actions or RVKs

I’m curious if RVK are considered actions also, but haven’t discovered that yet. However, if your going to use the game engine you should definately look into actions because they can do the mixing thing like your talking about and seem to be more versatile for character animation. IPO’s are still useful, though. It probably just depends on the circumstance. Like, why bother putting an armature in a door opening when you can just rotate it with an IPO? If you look at the myst demo of about two weeks ago, the author used IPO to move the camera from place to place.

demo ?

Yeah, unfortunately his link is dead.