Iptic.com and the Blender Integration Effort

(acasto) #1

Well…I’m tired, and basically thinking 'what the f*&! ’ ?

I started the blender integration effort (or was planning to get it up) to help it while it was stalled, for when it picked back up. But this situation looks like a black hole for now and usually end up with people going seperate ways and telling stories ten years from now about how they were once screwed in a business deal.

I’m going to have to think for a little bit on this. But right now I think something that would suffice enough for what was to become the BIE would be a decent list of links, which Elysiun currently supplies, and there is a thread somewhere around here I started on free software. If someone would like to make a real list or if Kib would like to put the list in the ‘links’ section I think that would be great.

As for Iptic.com, I will continue to host the free sites. As for site content, well, it will evolve, so my signature will hold true. I intend to compose it of many smaller, but greater informative sectiions such as : linux, 3D graphics (general), comp. science and programming. I would also like to include a section on parrallel and super-computing, maybe even a ‘how-to’ on building your own super computer. Especially after our company release our Nimbus distrobutions for linux clustering, this will be very interesting.

(blengine) #2

acasto, your plans for iptic were incredible, maybe too big for one person though, maybe if you got help from other blender users, or maybe make pages that have cgi forms to submit links, downloads, and maybe even make a gallery to which people can submit images to with their artist information… dont give up on the high plans u had
u should try to get setup maybe a gallery(which allows users to submit through forms), a links page (once again, users have acces to submit their sites link), and a downlaod section organized into different sections(plugins, blend files, others), once again users can submit…
im not sure, but setting up that shouldnt be waaay too hard, and it will evolve on its own… also a tutorial gathering page, once again and again, users can send you their links… it would be a beautiful gathering of everything needed for blender that will evolve on its own and will continue to evolve…
does that sound good, and possible?