IR3 Revisited.

Wow! you gotta love a place called Fatman’s doughnut shop!

Yeah! It was originally something I conjured up randomly but it kinda pays a bit of tribute to an old character I and my Co-Authors poked fun at in our stories (Who’s name, interestingly enough, was Fat Man). :smiley:

Lessened the noise a bit. since it is sooooooo late, I will try to work on the HUD’s tomorrow…assuming it never get’s hectic within the next day…

Enjoy! :confused:

Just so no one panics, this project has not been abandoned. :slight_smile:
it’ll probably be on hold for a bit because I am going to republish our first book in a hopefully much better format (and straighten out a few errors). Blender is being used for the artwork so expect the possibility I may post a thread regarding that once it’s been published :D.