Ira-X - (Sculpt and Retopo)

Personal work I made just for practicing sculpting and retopo techniques.
Render: Blender Render.

The green material is lovely. Wondering how you have achieved it. But the tongue looks extremely matte. Needs improvement on that. Other than that, it is quite cool and unique:)

Looks like Your sculpting and retopo endeavour was successful. I like it.

Thanks for the comments!!, I’ll post the node material setup for my character later and some wires… I’m very busy now :s
See you!.

I wait for that, nice work!

Hey BH.
Here’s the material setup for Ira-X, btw… “Ira” in Spanish means “Anger”.

The key for the material for me was multiplying the material by itself to get a darker tone for the material and a more saturated look.

And this is the wire for my character

I hope you like it.
See you!.

And here’s the sculpt version.