irc registration

I’m just starting this irc thing and I need to register but I don’t understand these instructions. I was wondering if someone could explain it a little. I’m using Gaim on Linux and it says this at the freenode page.

  •        Register your IRC nick:                        <b>/msg nickserv register &lt;your-password&gt;</b>           
  •        Add a valid email address to your <b>primary</b> nickserv entry so           that we have a way to reset your password, and so that we have it           in case you want an 'unaffiliated' cloak.  To keep your email           address private, rather than displaying it publicly, first mark it           as hidden:                         <b>/msg nickserv set hide email on</b>                      Then set the email address:                        <b>/msg nickserv set email &lt;your-email-address&gt;</b>           

So where do I put that stuff?

Nevermind. I just typed it in that box. Duh.

put it on the page that opens before you join any channels.

I should have done that right away, but it didn’t seem right somehow. :confused: