IRC support groups?

Gutentag everyone!
I’m new around here and I was wondering which servers have the most blender related channels, and which channels are the best for n00bs like myself. Thanks in advance!

#blenderchat on freenode

there are a bunch of other blender channels on freenode… like #blenderqa [if I recall], and the developer channels and #gameblender

thanks a bunch!
also…I downloaded mIRC and it says its a thirty day thing??? I tought it was free? :confused: oh well

anyone know of a good free IRC prog?

yes, use trillian. It has AIM, Yahoo, and MSN instant messengers along with IRC chat…and its free…google it.
sory if this is off topic, dont know how strict the mods are here. :smiley:

or x-chat which does only irc but does it well

yea trillian is a bit bloated for my tastes. bells and whistles just steal my precious memory. thanks for the quick response everybody. When I become half decent at this thing I’ll have to return the favor and man the forums answering n00b questions.

perhaps hydrairc?