i’ve always found it crazy the number of channels about blender there are…
we have:

seriously, there isn’t that many people on IRC, and having to join different channels is confusing… i suggest some channels get closed… for example there is no need for #blenderQA since there is #blender… questions about character modeling/animation would be better put at #blender… so we got #blenderchar out too…
i don’t know about #blendercoders and #blendercompilers but i think they can be combined too…

Compilers is good because people can ask for help in any of the other channels and then hop over to that channel with someone else to figure it out. Its not really development which is why its good to be on its own.

I like chat because half the time I’m talking about something other than blender, which falls into the realm of chat.

I have wondered about smc… If anything we might want to add blender to it lol

I have wondered about smc… If anything we might want to add blender to it lol

but smc’s are open to all software
i think o_O

that’s what i thought myself… it just so happens that most (if not all) people there use blender

also, according to this wikipedia article:
#smc - An smc channel run by the users of the open source software Blender

If I recall correctly, there are some minor but important differences between these three as well:
#blender - to post on this channel you must be identified by the network. It is meant to be on-topic, aimed at regulars, not people who want to ask why everything in their scene disappeared when they pressed 3 (for example).
#blenderQA - a place for the latter above (can’t say I ever used it).
#blenderchat - be off-topic here

Of course, when you look at it the difference isn’t that big in the end.

/ Mats (occasionally riorio out there)